Is it Greener on the Other Side?

When we were kids we wanted nothing more than to… be an adult! We wanted that freedom to make our own choices and do what we wanted to do. Once we become adults we find out it isn’t all it seemed to be when we were kids!

As they say the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Unknown

As adults we have:

  • to pay bills on time

  •  to work to make enough money

  • to fix things when they break

  • to buy groceries for several days

  • clean and maintain a house or apartment

  • paying taxes

Talk about A LOT of stress! Stress can cause lots of problems for people.  Stress can cause headaches, heart problems, depression and anxiety to name a few. This is what we wanted as kids? The stress of being an adult? Man did we have it wrong!

Sometimes we even go to college to get a bachelors, masters or even Ph.D. Talk about added stress and work! Right now I am pursuing my masters and considering getting a Ph.D. I might be crazy!

Kids have:

  • Homework

  • Some play sports

  • some have chores

  • get to play with friends

Not too much stress there. I think we should enjoyed being kids more instead of wanting to grow up quicker!

What do you think? Is it greener on the other side?


2 thoughts on “Is it Greener on the Other Side?

  1. The thing is that the stress that kids feel IS real. Sure, it’s not the same as “adult” stress (at least in most cases), but it is a real thing and can lead to tons and tons of anxiety. We now see our childhood struggles as minor issues, but I can remember being very upset and stressed about things and not getting much support for it. The thing we do have as adults is more control over our lives, which I think is why kids want to grow up faster!


    1. Very good point Michelle. Kids do feel real stress. I simply meant when we look back now we sometimes think… ‘man I had it easy back then’ I remember when I was younger cleaning my room seemed like the worst thing in the world. Now after cleaning an entire house and doing a lot of laundry I think man I wish I only had one room to clean. =)

      Thank you for your comment!



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