Well it is that time of year! The latest Just Dance has been released! Just Dance 2016. So naturally I HAVE to buy it! 3 stores later and I own it!


I finally played it on Tuesday and I must say I am thinking about getting rid of my gym membership… I bought the gold edition (of course why get anything less than the best!) and after dancing for…

1 hour and 30 min I added… 6500 steps onto my daily steps!

That is amazing! The best part of it.. not only did I get a lot of steps but the moves that you have to try and follow.. made my muscles actually sore! I felt as if I did crunches and squats that whole time! 

There are clips in the songs that record your movements (On PS4 with the camera) and it replays. That is pretty awesome as well. 🙂

If you need a great workout and you want to have fun while working out definitely try Just Dance 2016! Why go to the gym for hours an not have fun. Laughing burns 10-40 calories per 15 min depending on the person! On top of the calories you burn by dancing you burn more by laughing while dancing! Who doesn’t want to burn more in less time???

To add to the workout I will start using some hand wights and even ankle weights to get more out of it!

What exercises do you do instead of going to the gym?


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