Envelope System

My fiancé and I have decided to try this envelope system for the New Year. We are hoping to be able to save money quickly and not spend as much money. Especially if we go out and then later find out we had a gift card! (That drives me crazy!!)


I really like a lot of the ideas that Dave Ramsey has however, I do not agree with the savings account. Yes, it is a good idea to have $1,000 in your savings incase of emergency. I just do not see how having more in the savings could be a bad thing. I feel that by draining a savings account down to $1,000 can actually hurt someone. Fixing things are not cheap! What would happen if you had a major appliance break and needed $2,000? The savings would be drained down to $0 and you would be in debt $1,000 more than you were.

What do you think of this system???

How do you save money?

What works the best for busy schedules and families?