Envelope System

My fiancé and I have decided to try this envelope system for the New Year. We are hoping to be able to save money quickly and not spend as much money. Especially if we go out and then later find out we had a gift card! (That drives me crazy!!)


I really like a lot of the ideas that Dave Ramsey has however, I do not agree with the savings account. Yes, it is a good idea to have $1,000 in your savings incase of emergency. I just do not see how having more in the savings could be a bad thing. I feel that by draining a savings account down to $1,000 can actually hurt someone. Fixing things are not cheap! What would happen if you had a major appliance break and needed $2,000? The savings would be drained down to $0 and you would be in debt $1,000 more than you were.

What do you think of this system???

How do you save money?

What works the best for busy schedules and families?


Guest List

      With 228 days left until my wedding I am starting to have A LOT to do! Talk about stressful! Everyone always says that this should be the happiest day of your life.. Yeah I am ready for the day to just be here already.

         I highly highly recommend finding a place that includes lots of things for your money. Weddings are not cheap!

8czAKeEcp           I just ordered invitations and now I have to finalize the guest list and probably makes some cuts. Having bigger families can hurt during guest list time! Especially when the hall can only hold so many people!

Figuring out who to invite and who not to invite has been tricky. We made the reception Adult only. if we allowed children to come that would be an extra 30ish guests! That adds up. Our cost is around $60 a person. By not inviting children we are saving $1,800!

What are ways that you have cut back on a guest list without hurting anyones feelings?


How many of you set goals?


I know I set a lot of goals for myself. Lately I have noticed people around me make goals as well however, they are not realistic! I tell people all the time set yourself goals but, make them realistic! If you make crazy goals and never reach them then you will always become upset because you don’t reach that goal. 

For example:

Realistic VS. Unrealistic:

  • loose 2lbs in a month VS. loose 10 lbs in a month –> 2lbs is much easier than 10lbs and if you loose more… BONUS!!

  • add 1,000 extra steps a day VS. add 5,000 steps a day –> again start off small and realistic think about what you need to do to reach that goal and see if it fits into your day!

  • (independent distributors) earn an extra $100 a month VS. earn an extra $1,000 a month –> I have learned this personally! Everything month is different! Aim low and be extra excited if it is higher!

When setting your goals:

1. Make them achievable: you know your lifestyle better than anyone else.

2. Aim Low: If you say today I will walk 3,000 steps and you hit 4,000 you will feel better than if your goal was 5,000 and you hit 4,000

3.  Don’t give up! : if you don’t reach a goal 1 day out of the week do not give up! Keep trying and use any anger or frustration you have to reach your goal the next day!

4. Set goals with friends: use your phone or a FitBit and do a competition to keep each other motivated!

This week I made a list of 18 goals to reach by this Saturday 11-7-15! Throughout the week I do occasionally add some goals. As of today 11-3-15  at 11:30 a.m I am down to 15 Goals! Fingers crossed that I stay motivated! 🙂 

What are some goals you have? Are there ones that you never seem to meet? What motivates you to reach your goals?


Well it is that time of year! The latest Just Dance has been released! Just Dance 2016. So naturally I HAVE to buy it! 3 stores later and I own it!


I finally played it on Tuesday and I must say I am thinking about getting rid of my gym membership… I bought the gold edition (of course why get anything less than the best!) and after dancing for…

1 hour and 30 min I added… 6500 steps onto my daily steps!

That is amazing! The best part of it.. not only did I get a lot of steps but the moves that you have to try and follow.. made my muscles actually sore! I felt as if I did crunches and squats that whole time! 

There are clips in the songs that record your movements (On PS4 with the camera) and it replays. That is pretty awesome as well. 🙂

If you need a great workout and you want to have fun while working out definitely try Just Dance 2016! Why go to the gym for hours an not have fun. Laughing burns 10-40 calories per 15 min depending on the person! On top of the calories you burn by dancing you burn more by laughing while dancing! Who doesn’t want to burn more in less time???

To add to the workout I will start using some hand wights and even ankle weights to get more out of it!

What exercises do you do instead of going to the gym?

Is it Greener on the Other Side?

When we were kids we wanted nothing more than to… be an adult! We wanted that freedom to make our own choices and do what we wanted to do. Once we become adults we find out it isn’t all it seemed to be when we were kids!

As they say the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Unknown

As adults we have:

  • to pay bills on time

  •  to work to make enough money

  • to fix things when they break

  • to buy groceries for several days

  • clean and maintain a house or apartment

  • paying taxes

Talk about A LOT of stress! Stress can cause lots of problems for people.  Stress can cause headaches, heart problems, depression and anxiety to name a few. This is what we wanted as kids? The stress of being an adult? Man did we have it wrong!

Sometimes we even go to college to get a bachelors, masters or even Ph.D. Talk about added stress and work! Right now I am pursuing my masters and considering getting a Ph.D. I might be crazy!

Kids have:

  • Homework

  • Some play sports

  • some have chores

  • get to play with friends

Not too much stress there. I think we should enjoyed being kids more instead of wanting to grow up quicker!

What do you think? Is it greener on the other side?


My name is Sara! I am a nanny, graduate student as Penn State, a tutor and…. I am getting married! I will be talking about life. All the ups and downs of being an adult. I will talk about finances, exercise, education, and much more! If you want to hear about a specific topic..

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