Guest List

      With 228 days left until my wedding I am starting to have A LOT to do! Talk about stressful! Everyone always says that this should be the happiest day of your life.. Yeah I am ready for the day to just be here already.

         I highly highly recommend finding a place that includes lots of things for your money. Weddings are not cheap!

8czAKeEcp           I just ordered invitations and now I have to finalize the guest list and probably makes some cuts. Having bigger families can hurt during guest list time! Especially when the hall can only hold so many people!

Figuring out who to invite and who not to invite has been tricky. We made the reception Adult only. if we allowed children to come that would be an extra 30ish guests! That adds up. Our cost is around $60 a person. By not inviting children we are saving $1,800!

What are ways that you have cut back on a guest list without hurting anyones feelings?